Bar T Ranch
Plain Dealing, Louisiana
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To protect our goats and other livestock we keep Livestock Guard Dogs (LGD's) and Llama's.   We raise both Akbash and Great Pyrenees Dogs.  Our dogs live and work in our goat pens and pastures. They guard the goats as well as horses and poultry that live in their pens. We believe in socializing our dogs with humans. We find that it is easier to take your dog to the vet when it is used to being around people!  All pups will be started on shots at 6 weeks with boosters at 9 and 12 weeks and wormed bi-weekly.

No puppies available at this time.... sorry.  Check back later

Page updated March  9, 2013

Great Pyrenees puppies available Jan. 26, 2013.  Puppies are friendly and raised around goats and other livestock.  Vaccinations and deworming up to date.  3 males and 2 females available at this time for $200.00 Each. 
All puppies are SOLD !!!!!!

Puppy born 7/30/2010.  Ak-Bash/Great Pyrenees cross.   SOLD!!!!!!!

It's hard work being a livestock guard dog.  Pups born 7/30/2010, 1st shots and worming done, very people friendly and raised with goats, sheep, horses, llamas, chickens, ducks, pigs and any other animals that we have running around the farm.  All puppies from this litter are SOLD!!!!!!!


Sierra and Cochise's pups are as sweet as any we've ever raised. All puppies from this litter are SOLD!!!

A young female watches our poultry.


We trust even our youngest GP pups with some very valuable birds. Here, a white peacock is unconcerned as he strolls by these pups.

 Xena's Pups, Ak-Bash -GP cross.

Our latest Great Pyrenees sire "BO".  He is a great herd protector and a good dad.

Bo and Lillie

Who is gonna get that last piece of food????

Zena's puppies born on 4/1/11.  SOLD!!!!!


Some Great Pyrenees pups just want to get out and see the world. Our dogs are socialized with goats at an early age. All puppies from this litter are SOLD!!!!

Some young Akbash pups


For some dogs, this would be a lot of temptation. For this GP pup it's just another day on the job!!!
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