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Fainting Goats - We have IFGA/MGR and Pedigree International registered Fainting goats.  MGR goats that have a Reg. # under the picture will have a pedigree available on the MGR website . We have about 30 myotonic goats at our ranch and plan to continue to increase our herd as we find quaility fainters.  Our goats are producing really nice babies. We are offering some of them for sale and some will be retained for future breeding stock.  You can check out the original Moonspotted fainting goats at or these goats are very unique and we are proud to have goats out of those bloodlines that show the moonspotting in their coat pattern and that have produced moonspotted babies. 
Bar T Ranch Myotonic (fainting) Bucks

DGA Patrick Henry is our senior buck.  His is the son of Deer Springs Sweet Pea  and Hollywood Acres The Patriot. He is producing some very nice moonspotted babies.  Patrick Henry is about 25" at the shoulders and is a nice medium sized buck.  Check out the fainting kids page for some nice babies with Patrick's awesome moonspotted bloodlines.

Bar T Frankie was born and raised at our Ranch.  Frankie is a cute tri-color buck with marbled blue eyes and is a great fainter.  His pedigree is loaded with super bloodlines and includes Deer Springs Ranch, Blue Bird Farm,  Putt-Putt Farm and Patterson Manageries.  Frankie was born on 6/24/08 and is only 19" tall at the shoulders. (looking forward to getting mini-fainter papers when he turns 3) Check out Frankie's pedigree on the MGR website his Reg. #A9164.  He is already producing super kids and some with moonspots.

Brown's Buddy  MGR reg. #A9167 is a nice polled buck.  Buddy is producing some cute naturally polled kids and is giving us a nice alternative to our moonspotted bloodlines.

Bar T Mottley Crew MGR reg. #A9168  was born and bred at our ranch.  He has an awesome pedigree and a moonspotted coat to match.  Mottley Crew is by Patrick Henry and Molie-B.  Mottley was born 2/18/09.   Mottley is a small buck and we have him paired up with some small does so we should have some mini moonspotted fainters on the way soon.


        Blackie                                        Lucy                                        Lillie
     2008 Doe                                   2008 Doe                                 2008 Doe

Deer Springs Sweetpea, 2001 IFGA moonspotted doe with her twins born on 2/13/09.  The doelings are cute and just as sweet as thier mother, the doe on the right is Moonspotted.  Both does have been SOLD!   

Blue Bird Farm Molie-B, 2005 IFGA moonspotted doe, these are her bucklings born on 2/18/09, the tri-color buckling is moonspotted and will be retained for breeding to pass along those great genes, the other buckling is solid black and is for sale $325. 

Blue Bird Farm Silver Baby, 2004 IFGA doe, Silver Baby also has some of those great Deer Springs Bloodlines, her doeling was born on 2/21/09 and should make a nice breeding doe.  $325.00

Jackie 2008 MGR doe with her      Kit Kat 2007 MGR doe with     Hallie 2005 MGR doe with her 2009
"09" buckling. Buckling for sale      her "09" buckling. Buckling      twin bucklings.  Red and white buck
at weaning $200.                           for sale $200  SOLD!!!!!            will be retained, White buck SOLD

Frankie is going to be a great herdsire.  He was born and bred at the Bar T Ranch and will be IFGA reg.
He should produce some awesome fainters with his color and pedigree.  Look forward to Frankie's KIDS!!!
These young does found out they were next to go in the breeding pen and looked what happened!!!!
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