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Fainting Goat Does

This is a work in progress please be patient with me and I will try to get my fainting does listed with pictures.  Thanks!!!!

All of our Does faint, have good udders and are healthy.  We are proud to have such great mothers in our herd, even the first timers are like old pros with their super mothering instincts and abilities.   Our fainter does all produce good milk and keep a watchful eye on their kids. 
updated: 11/05/11
Deer Springs Sweet Pea DOB: 1/30/01  Sweet Pea is an original Deer Springs goat and we are very proud to have her.  She is IFGA reg. and is a tri- color moon spotted doe.  Sweat Pea has given us lots of nice babies and is a great mother. Sweet Pea is 10 yrs old and these pictures were taken 10/20/11 as you can see she is healthy and in great shape.
Blue Bird Farm Molie-B    DOB: 3/1/05.  Molie-B is IFGA reg. she is tri-color and moonspotted and throws very nice moon spotted babies.  She is Sweet Pea's daughter and her sire is Blue Bird Farm Oreo.  Molie-B is the dam of our very moon spotted herdsire Mottley Crew.
Brown's Jackie SSB was born 6/22/08 and is MGR reg.  Jackie is the daughter of Putt-Putt Farm's Hallie and has been a very good mother.  Jackie throws very nice kids with great conformation and lots of color.
 MGR   Rockin E Farm Kit Kat TME born 3/15/2007.  Kit Kat is naturally polled and is a very thick bodied doe.  She produces very nice kids with good muscle and conformation.  Kit Kat has has also produced naturally polled kids for us and she is a great mother.

Smith Family Farms SFF Annie is registered with Pedigree International in the Myotonic Herd Book.  Born on 1/07/08 Annie has given us some great kids and we hope to get many more from her.

Smith Family Farms SFF Rebecca is registered with Pedigree International.  Born on 1/08/08 she is a beautiful paint doe with a thick body.  Rebecca produces very nice kids and is a great mother.

Smith Family Farms SFF Lucy is registered with Pedigree International.  Lucy was born 12/29/07 and is a nice black and white doe.  Lucy produces nice kids and is a great mother.
MGR registered Putt-Putt Farm's Hallie SSB is a long haired larger doe. Born 3/14/2005 she produces nice kids and is a great mother.
MGR Putt-Putt Farm's Amy SSB was born on 3/31/2005.  She is a solid black doe with lots of muscle.  Amy is a larger doe and produces great kids.  She is great mother and passes her motherly instincts on to her doelings. 
MGR Blackie was born on 1/05/2009.  Blackie is one of our stiffest goats.  She is a super fainter and we are glad to have found her.  She doesn't have a pedigree but she is as stiff as they come.  Blackie is a medium sized doe with great muscle and has produced nice kids.  Blackie is a solid black doe that now proudly wears a BAR T freeze brand. 
MGR Bar T Dee Dee was born and breed on our ranch.  Patrick Henry is her sire and Blue Bird Farm Silver Baby is her dam.  Dee Dee was born on 2/21/2009 She is a great mother that is producing nice babies with lots of color.  Dee Dee is a good medium sized doe and fainted just because I wanted to take her picture.
Dee Dee is 21 3/4 inches tall and 2 teated.

MGR Bar T Mattie was born 3/23/09.  Her sire is Patrick Henry Dam is Putt-Putt Farm's Amy.  She is a great mother and is producing nice moonspotted kids with great conformation.  Mattie is a medium size doe with a perfect udder 2 teated udder.
MGR Bar T Moon Drop is another very unique Patrick Henry daughter. Her dam is Blue Bird Farm Molie-B so there is no surprise she has all those awesome moon spots.  Born on 1/24/2010 she has a pedigree loaded with moon spotted genetics.  We look forward to Moon Drops babies.  She is a beautiful doe with lots of color and great conformation.
MGR Bar T Olivia was born on 1/25/2010.  Her sire is Bar T Frankie and her dam is Deer Springs Sweet Pea.  Olivia is a twin and her brother, Popeye is now one our herd sires.  Olivia is another very nice Bar T Ranch raised fainting doe that is being retained for a breeding doe.  We are eagerly awaiting Olivia's first kids this spring. 

MGR Bar T Hollie was born on 1/25/2010.  Sire: Patrick Henry Dam: Putt-Putt Farm's Hallie.  Hollie had her first kid in July this year.  She produced a sweet moon spotted doeling and is a great first time mother just like all of our fainting does.  Hollie is a medium sized goat with nice conformation and some skirting on her hind legs.
MGR Bar T Megan born 2/01/2010.  Sire:  Patrick Henry Dam:  Brown's Jackie.  Megan is a super nice colorful doe with lots of muscle.  She is a great mother and took care of her first kid like a pro.  Looking forward to many more kids from Megan.
Indian Trails Sadie.... Newly added doe, currently being bred to Freddie Mac. 

MGR Tye Dye Acres Fusion (Mini) DOB 5/01/2010.  Fusion is a newly added doe with Blue eyes, currently being bred to Frankie.  Fusion's bloodlines include Genesis Acres, Little Big Man,TPF and Beechkeld.

MGR Bar T Fannie Mae DOB 7/2/2010.  Sire: Mottley Crew Dam: RB2 Acres Tuff Blossom.  Fannie Mae is a really nice smaller doe (thinking she will be a mini)
MGR Bar T Ranch Okie's Tipper DOB 1/29/2011. Sire: Mottley Crew Dam: Bar T Mattie.  Tipper is a heavily moon spotted doeling that we are very proud to have raised. She has great bone and muscle and should produce awesome kids with superb conformation and awesome color.
MGR Bar T Ranch Okie's Calico DOB 1/29/2011. Sire: Mottley Crew Dam: Bar T Mattie.  Calico is a very nice moon spotted doeling that we retained for breeding.  She is a larger doe with tons of muscle.  Looking forward to great kids from Calico.

MGR Bar T Ranch Chewy DOB 1/30/2011. Sire: Mottley Crew Dam: Bar T Dee Dee.  Chewy is a nice deep long bodied doe that should be a baby making machine. 
MGR Bar T Ranch Debbie - DOB 2/04/2011. Sire: Mottley Crew Dam: Brown's Jackie.  Debbie is another home raised goat that we are very proud of, she has wonderful moon spots and tons of muscle.  Debbie is a larger size doe and we are looking forward to some great kids in the future.
MGR Pinnacle Pastures Inger TYE (Mini) DOB 4/09/2011  Inger is a newly added doeling.  She has a sweet personality and is a very small girl. 

Bar T Ranch Pepper MGR. reg. pending - DOB 1/31/2011.  Pepper is a solid black doe with great conformation. 
MGR Bar T Ranch Tippy  DOB 7/16/2011.  Tippy is a very nice tri color doeling with chocolate moon spots. 
MGR #A7527  7F Ranch Delilah 7FR, born 3/16/2009.     Delilah has great muscle and conformation.  Pedigree includes Bakken's Farm, Jett, Jamcin's Sassparilla, Apache Landing....
MGR#A8231  Happy Valley's Misty Moon HVF  born 1/19/2008.  Misty has marbled blue eyes and beautiful color and conformation.  Her pedigree includes Bending Tree Ranch Buster, Shade Tree Acres, Rolling Hills Goat Ranch, Goat Spring Ranch, Okie Ark's and Redbud Eight.
MGR#A9947  CAA Kalico RLA born 2/28/2009.   Kalico is a very nice smaller doe.  Pedigree includes: Bending Tree Ranch Frisco, Over EZ Acres Khaki, Choo Choo Acres, Onion Creek Ranch and Okie Arks.
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