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Fainting Goat Bucks

Fainting Goat Bucks

Mottley Crew as a young buck above.  Pictures below taken Jan 2012. He has grown into a handsome guy and weighs in now at 124lbs and 26"

MGR # A9168  Bar T Mottley Crew Tag born 2/18/09.  We are very proud of our Bar T Ranch raised  moonspotted buck.  Mottley Crew has awesome bloodlines, great conformation and spectacular color. Mottley Crew has proven himself as a breeding buck producing outstanding kids with lots of moonspots.  We look forward to many many more years of Mottley Crews kids.

Bar T Ranch Popeye (MGR #B0080) was born on 1/25/2010. 26" tall & weighs 110 lbs.   Popeye has great moonspotted bloodlines from his sire and dam and has a small moonspot on his neck.  His dam Deer Springs Sweet Pea is a very nice moonspotted doe and has produced some beautiful babies.  Popeye has already proven himself as a sire and also won a third place ribbon in the MGR Virtual Show in Dec 2011.  Popeye pictured above as a young buckling and then as a great herd sire.

Bar T Frainkie  is by Patrick Henry and our late doe Blue Bird Farm Rosebud. Born 6/24/2008  MGR #A9164  Frankie is a small fainter with a big pedigree.  We are breeding him to some of our smaller fainting does to produce mini fainters kids.  Frankie is a great fainter and passes his myotonic genes on to his offspring. 
Brown's Buddy is by a Rocking E Creek Farm buck and our Putt-Putt Farm's Hallie.  Buddy was born on 1/27/2009 and his MGR #A9167.  Buddy is naturally polled and is a beautiful fainting buck.  We are using Buddy as a good outcross for some of our Does that we have kept. We are offering Buddy for sale he is a proven herdsire he would be a nice addition to anyones breeding program  $300.00

Bar T Freddie Mac MGR#B1500 is a great little black and white buck.  His sire is Mottley Crew and his dam is RB2 Acres Tuff Blossom.  We are keeping Freddie Mac for his great conformation, nice color and super fainting ability.  Freddie Mac got nervous about having his picture taken and just FAINTED!!!!!  We are offering Freddie Mac for sale he is a proven herdsire and would be a wonderful addition to anyones breeding program     $300.00

Above pictures were taken 8/26/2012    Gold Coin weighed in at just 200lbs and is still growing.
Below are some recent pictures taken 12/26/12

Woody Creek Farm Gold Coin DKM  MGR#B1931  aka STAN   Born 10/27/2010.    His sire is National Champion PGCH A2608 Woody Creek Farm WLS Hotrod DKM  Stan has already earned 1 point in the showring.  Stan has already proven himself as a herdsire and has produced some great quality kids.

Brassring Orion RHR  MGR#B1749  Born 12/2/2009   Orion's sire  A4511  Brassring Casanova BRG is a Permanent Grand Champion.  We are very excited to have Orion in our breeding program he is already a proven herdsire and has produced some outstanding kids. Orion's pedigree includes goats from the Well's herd in Tenn., one of the oldest known fainting goat herds. 

Some of our past Herdsires listed here for reference purposes
DGA Patrick Henry is IFGA reg. Patrick was born in 2007 and is a direct descendant of Deer Springs Moonspotted Fainting goats and is a son of Hollywood Acres the Patriot. He has superior muscling and produces wonderful fainting kids.  Patrick Henry was our first fainting goat and our love for them has grown with our herd of fainters.  Some of our breeding bucks are sons of Patrick, He passes on the moonspotted gene and makes great fainters as well. **   We were very sad to loose Patrick Henry, he passed away in the fall of 2012.

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