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2014 Myotonic Kids

Kids arriving daily, if you don't see what you are looking for send us an email.  We will put you on a waiting list and you will be notified first when kids matching what you are looking for arrive.  Example, certain color, sex or coat pattern.

Kids will be sold on a first come first served basis.  They can be held for a non refundable deposit of $75 each.

Kids can be transported at buyers expense

Page updated 2/4/14

Kids sired by
B1749 Brassring Orion RHR
Own son of Permanent Grand Champion A5411 Brassring Casanova BRG
Brassring and Well's bloodlines

Buckling born1/24/2014    Dam:  Bar T Ranch Angie
Blue and White like his sire      $300 at weaning
Twins born 1/16/14    Dam:  Bar T Ranch Megan
Buckling -brown/white/ black and even has a gray moon spot on his shoulder
also has very unique gray above his eyes    $350  SOLD!!!

Doeling is gray and white  with a line down her back   $400

Doeling born 1/23/2014
Dam:  Bar T Ranch Moondrop  (very moon spotted)
Doeling is light tan and white    $350 SOLD!!!!!


Dam:  Bar T Ranch Winby  (smaller doe)
Doeling born 1/24/2014  very unique grayish/brown color
$350      SOLD!!!!!
Dam:  Bar T Ranch Hollie
Twin doelings born 1/23/2014 both of these doelings do have waddles
Black and white doeling w/waddles  $300
Smokey Blue doeling w/ waddles  $300   SOLD!!!!
Twins born 1/27/2014
Dam:  Bar T Ranch Sugar Mama
both are blue and white and also have blue eyes

Buckling $300

doeling  $400

Kids sired by
C1283 Well's Diesel TAG
Grandson of Well's Burke BRG
Leon Oliver's and Well's bloodlines

Doeling born 12/23/13    Dam:  Bending Tree Ranch Isadora BTR     DOB 2/24/2006      Doeling price at weaning $200.  Doeling is SOLD

Twins born 1/11/2014   Dam:  ET3 Desert Rose MYT  DOB 2/05/2010    Doeling $325. she is the one with more black  Buckling $300.  He has the black cape and white star on forehead.  Price for the trio, mom and twins $725.

Dam:  Stone Acres Poke A Dot   Moonspotted doe
Twins born 12/30/2013
Doeling, solid black and very stocky  $300
Buckling  VERY MOON SPOTTED   as of now he is RETAINED!!

Kids sired by
B1931 Woody Creek Farm Gold Coin DKM (Gold Coin has 1 point)
Own son of National Champion, PGCH A2608 Woody Creek Farm WLS Hotrod DKM
Grandson of Well's Burke
Well's and Mullins bloodlines

Quad bucklings  born 1/14/14    Dam: Brassring Yoplait Maggie
$200 each at weaning
4th brother was sold as a bottle baby 
the only buckling still available is the white/cream colored one in the middle picture

   Dam:  Bending Tree Ranch Dreamer LPR   DOB 3/29/2010   MGR# B4955
Buckling has more tan on him   $300
Doeling has more white   $350  SOLD!!!!!!

Kids sired by
A9168 Bar T Ranch Mottley Crew TAG    
Flashy Moon spotted buck
Deer Springs, Hollywood Acres, Blue Bird Farm bloodlines

Twins born 1/11/2014   Dam:  Bar T Ranch Olivia  
Buckling is black and white with a few nice Moon Spots  $400 SOLD as a bottle baby!!!!!!
Doeling, base color black with lots of colorful moon spots  $550 SOLD!!!!

Dam:  7F Ranch Delilah 7FR  (blue eyes)  Twins born 1/11/2014
Doeling is white and tan with chocolate and brown MOON SPOTS and blue eyes  $600
Buckling is multi colored and loaded with moon spots also has blue eyes   $650 SOLD!!!!

Twin bucklings born 1/17/2014   Dam:  Brown's Jackie
Brown/red buckling with white spot on his side   $250  wethered $100
Brown/red buckling multi colored and loaded with MOON SPOTS   $600  SOLD!!!!!!
Dam:  Bar T Ranch Dee Dee 
Doeling born 1/18/2014   NICE MOON SPOTS  $550  SOLD!!!!!!
Dam:  Bar T Ranch Pepper
Doeling born 1/16/2014    Black with white spot   $300   SOLD!!!!!!

Dam: Bar T Ranch Mattie
Heavily Moon Spotted buckling born 1/23/2014     $525
Dam:  Rockin E Creek Kit Kat
Doeling born 1/16/2014  Black and white  $375
Dam:  Happy Valley's Misty Moon
Doeling born 1/30/2014  
Black and white with blue eyes   $400   SOLD!!!!!!

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