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2013 Summer Fainter Kids

Some of our does have been very kind and provided us with summer kids.  Pictures and prices will be listed below.  If you don't see what you are looking for be sure to send an email and ask or ask to be placed on the waiting list if you are looking for something specific.

Kids can be held until weaning for a non refundable deposit of $75.00.  Weaning age will be around 8 weeks normally.  All kids will have CD & T vaccines and will sell with MGR application for registration or MGR registration papers.  All kids listed below are single teated with good conformation for showing or breeding.  Bucklings have good scrotums and no splits. 

Some bucklings can be wethered and sold at a discounted price for pets or companion animals. 

We will ship at buyers expense.

Page updated 7/9/2013

Doeling born May 26, 2013   Sire:  Bar T Ranch Mottley Crew  Dam:  Happy Valley Farm's Misty Moon - cute black and white doeling is a single.  She looks so much like her sister that was born in Dec. I think I am going to name this girl IMA MOONPIE TOO  Price at weaning $375. SOLD!!!!!!

Doeling born June 6, 2013  Name pending: Bit OF A Pickle   Sire:  Mottley Crew  Dam: Phoebe    Super cute flashy black and white doeling will be available at weaning for $375.  SOLD!!!!!
Single doeling born June 14, 2013   Sire: Mottley Crew   Dam: Smith Family Farms Rebecca      Rebecca had trips boys her last kidding and then gave us this beautiful tri colored girl this time.  Flashy, nice correct doeling would be a great addition to anyones herd.  Price at weaning $400.
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Buckling born May 28, 2013   Bar T Ranch Ichabod (pending)  Sire:  Bar T Ranch Mottley Crew  Dam:    Bar T Ranch   Mattie.   Super flashy moon spotted buckling is a single.  Price at weaning $500.  SOLD.. He now lives in Michigan

Single buckling born May 2, 2013.   Sire: Bar T Ranch Mottley Crew   Dam:  Brown's Jackie SSB    Really nice big buckling with a chocolate MS on his neck.  Price at weaning $350.  SOLD!!!!!

Buckling born May 2, 2013.  Sire: Bar T Ranch Mottley Crew  Dam:  Wolf River Dottie     Squeaky has marble blue eyes and is spoiled rotten.  He is being raised on a bottle and has been disbudded.  He will make a great family pet or herdsire.  Wethered and sold as a PET!!!!  The new owners LOVE him!!!!!
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