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2012 Fainting Goat Kids

2012 Fainting goat kids have either been sold or retained.  Please check 2012/2013 Fainting Kids page for current kids for sale. Pictures are left up for reference only.

You may also send us an email to get on the waiting list for the next kidding season. 


Page updated April 27, 2013

  Wether born 1/15/12     Sire: Popeye     Dam:  Moondrop       $150.00
Single black and white buckling.  Both parents were born and raised on our ranch. SOLD!!!!!

  Wether born 1/14/12     Sire: Buddy     Dam:     Amy       $150.00
Single black and white buckling. SOLD!!!!!!

Moonspotted Buckling born 1/18/12 "GATOR"  Sire: Mottley Crew   Dam:   Dee Dee    
Very flashy multi colored moon spotted kid   SOLD!!!!!  Thanks  AST    Gasburg, VA
Doeling with a few moonspots/ twin to the buckling above.     $400.00
SOLD!!!!  Thanks  R.M.  Covington, LA


Doeling born 1/12/12   Sire:  Mottley Crew     Dam:  Annie     $350
Doeling is one of twins she is belted with frosty ears. SOLD!!!!  R.M.   Covington, LA
Doeling born 1/12/12   Sire:  Mottley Crew     Dam:  Annie     $575
Blue eyes, belted with a light gray moonspot on top of her left hip, beautiful tri color doeling is a twin
SOLD!!!!!  Thanks Jackee & Casey     Collinston, LA
Twin doelings born 1/12/12   Sire: Mottley Crew   Dam: Deer Springs Sweet Pea    $325 each
These twins are spoiled rotten, they are bottle babies due to old injury to Sweet Pea's udder.  We leave them with her to raise and they come to us for milk.  These girls can go to their new home at any time since they are on bottles.     SOLD!!!!!      S.C.  Calhoun, LA
Doeling born 1/14/12   Sire:  Mottley Crew     Dam:  Fannie Mae      $525
Moonspotted doeling that has tons of personality.... she struts her stuff all the time.  SOLD!!!!!
Buckling born 1/13/12   Sire:  Mottley Crew     Dam:    Rebecca     

Doeling born 1/13/12    Sire: Mottley Crew     Dam:  Rebecca      $425.
Twin to the buckling above the cute doeling is a very unique color.....  kinda of grayish brown... very cute.
SOLD!!!!!!     R.M.   Covington, LA

Moon Spotted Buckling born 1/18/12   Sire:  Mottley Crew     Dam:  Mattie        $450.
Buckling is covered in multi colored moon spots, will make a very nice herdsire
SOLD!!!!!     Thanks   L.K.     Brainerd, MN
Buckling born 1/14/12  Sire:  Mottley Crew   Dam:  Kit Kat      $250
This buckling is a triplet, his very moon spotted sisters are pictured below
SOLD!!!!!  Thanks Jackee &  Casey   Collinston, LA
Moon Spotted Doeling 1/14/12   Sire: Mottley Crew  Dam:  Kit Kat   
We are very sad to say that the beautiful doeling passed away.... we had a necropsy done and the cause of death was Clostridium Perfringens.   We give all our babies CD/T vaccines but after discussing things with our vet we will be much more careful of how we handle the vaccine itself and also using a new sterile needle each time.  Please keep your CD/T vaccines refrigerated all times... even a short time out can warm up the vaccine and render it inactive.   We were devasted to lose this girl.

MoonSpotted Doeling  1/14/12   Sire:  Mottley Crew   Dam:  Kit Kat         $600.
Nice tri color moonspotted doeling is one of triplets and is naturally polled.   SOLD   Steve in Ogden, UT. 

  Wether born 1/14/12   Sire:  Mottley Crew     Dam:     Molie - B        
Great show wether    $150.00  SOLD!!!!!!
Moon Spotted Tri-color Doeling  Born 1/15/12  Sire:  Mottley Crew  Dam:  Debbie   $650.
SOLD!!!!  Thanks     Steve   Ogden, UT

Buckling born 2/10/12       Sire: Frankie  Dam:  Blackie   
Buckling has one grayish MS on his shoulder and he has 1 wattle.   Sold!!!!  Thanks   AST   Gasburg, VA
Tri-Color Moonspotted Doeling born  1/15/12  Sire:  Mottley Crew    Dam:  Hallie   $650.
Awesome color and great conformation, doeling has wattles    SOLD!!!!   RBD    Center, TX   THANKS!!!!
Buckling  Solid black born 1/21/12   Sire:  Mottley Crew      Dam:   Jackie     $225.
SOLD!!!!  Thanks Robie....

Moonspotted Doeling born 1/18/12  Sire: Mottley Crew  Dam: Sarah     Retained for future Breeding
Doeling is one of twins and has blue eyes to go along with those great moonspots

Doeling born 1/18/12  Sire:  Mottley Crew  Dam:  Sarah     $500
Beautiful cream and white doeling with blue eyes..... twin pictured above
SOLD!!!!!  Thanks RM, Covington, La
Twin doelings born 1/21/12   Sire:  Mottley Crew   Dam:   Olivia  
Tri - Color Moonspotted doeling $575    SOLD!!!  Thanks    Jackee & Casey   Collinston, LA
Black and White doeling  $300. SOLD   ... RM, Covington, La

Doeling born 2/7/12    Sire:  Buddy    Dam:   Megan      $400.00
Megan is light colored with an interesting dark under coat....marble blue eyes
SOLD!!!!!!!!!  SC, Calhoun, La

Twins born 2/12/12    Moonspotted doeling   &    black and white buckling
Sire:  Popeye   Dam:  Hollie     
Doeling  has wattles    $575     SOLD!!!!!!  RBD    Center, TX
 Wether black and white  priced at $150.    SOLD!!!!
Twins born 2/26/12   Moonspotted tri-color buckling        $400.00
Sire:  Mottley Crew     Dam:   Bar T Pepper   SOLD!!!!!
Twin to the buckling above... Black with white star and white tip on tail.... SOLD!!!!

Buckling born 3/2/12   Tri Color.... cute with lots of personality    $200.00
Sire:  Mottley Crew    Dam:   Bar T Chewy    SOLD!!!!

MS Buckling born 3/2/12  Tri-Color                $400
Sire:  Mottley Crew        Dam:  Lucy          SOLD!!!!!!  Thanks      AST    Gasburg, VA
Doeling born 3/2/12  twin to the buckling above     $375
Sire:  Mottley Crew    Dam:  Lucy   SOLD!!!!!!

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